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Summary0002280: Midi Shortcut keys and the active note
DescriptionI ask, as added features in A3midi, for the following to be considered for possible implementation:

Keystrokes for each of the midi tools, and a keystroke for midi panic.

A keystroke (including the up/down arrows) for adjusting velocity per note, as an added and alternate option to using the scrollwheel on the mouse.

Keystrokes for advancing and retreating the cursor, for midi input. If we can use the cursor, or an alternate 'midi' cursor, as a note input point for manual input, then, for example, we could put a note on beat 1, advance the cursor 1 beat, and put another note on beat 3.

Note length
If we could make each note active (cycling), then use a modifier and left right arrows to lengthen/shorten left and right edges of a note, inputting and adjustment (imho) would be faster and more efficient.

The above is in direct relation to minimising mouse use, or leaving it out altogether. Keystrokes are a faster means of input and adjustment (imho.)

The active note.
Making a note 'active' has advantages, and in relation to the keystroke suggestions above, if a note were active, once we clicked on it, then we could cycle through notes quickly, making each note in turn the active note, and open to editing. The current method of 'esc' to leave edit mode is good, and useful, but if each note in turn (left right arrows?) became the only active note for editing, then mistakes in editing could be less likely, and, once again, mouse use would be minimized further.
We still have the use of 'marquee' to edit multiple notes if we wish.

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