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0002271ardourbugspublic2008-05-26 15:23
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Summary0002271: Overlapping CD markers cause TOC export to lose tracks
DescriptionVersion 2.4.1, 64 Studio package on AMD64.

If two regions overlap, even by just a couple of frames, and each region is marked as a CD track location using the right-click menu, then the later of the two regions will be missing from the TOC when exported. The overlap of the markers is not apparent at normal zoom levels.

Workaround: zoom in to the maximum level, and manually drag the end of track CD marker so that it doesn't overlap with the marker for the beginning of the next track.

Suggestion: the export dialog could warn that two or more CD markers overlap, making the proposed TOC invalid.
Additional InformationScreenshot of overlapping CD track markers at maximum zoom. These markers look normal at typical zoom levels.
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2008-05-26 15:23


Ardour_CD_markers_overlap.png (11,318 bytes)   
Ardour_CD_markers_overlap.png (11,318 bytes)   

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