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0002245ardourbugspublic2013-02-25 11:11
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Product VersionSVN/2.0-ongoing 
Summary0002245: critical: event pool out of memory - recompile with larger size!!
DescriptionAt random times my 2.3 (rev 3029) gives a dialogue-box with a 'press to exit' knob. It says:

"critical: event pool out of memory - recompile with larger size!!"

The gui keeps working, except it won't actually start playing (green play button but no sound and no moving playhead)

Pressing the button kills ardour.
Additional Informationon IRC, oofus told me he got the same dialogue with the latest SVN.
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2008-05-25 22:13

reporter   ~0004963

Last edited: 2008-05-25 23:51

i can reproduce this one on a previously working session by
 -loading the snapshot
 -starting loop-playback
(there are more ways to trigger the crash. all i found were transport-related)

playback won't start and after a few seconds ardour prints that dialog.
when the dialog appears the console gets spammed with:

no space in Ardour-UI request buffer for thread disk butler

until i "press to exit" on the dialog:

final message in the console:

GThread-ERROR **: file gthread-posix.c: line 171 (): error 'Device or resource busy' during 'pthread_mutex_destroy ((pthread_mutex_t *) mutex)'
Segmentation fault

if neccessary, i can upload that sessionfile.

i moved away ~/.ardour2 and now its working again.


2008-07-23 11:54

reporter   ~0005122

I can reproduce this problem. I think I have narrowed it down to "Send MMC" being enabled. If it is enabled and I press play, then stop, the play and stop buttons start flashing and eventually I get the above error. The console output is identical to above.


2008-11-05 19:40

reporter   ~0005222

I had the same problem with Ardour 2.4.1 (using Musix gnu/linux distribution).
Someone in the IRC channel told me to change the ardour.rc file.

IRC chat about this issue:

(13:48:44) josx: hi all!
(13:48:59) josx: i am experimenting a problem using ardour 2.4.1
(13:49:06) josx: after using a while
(13:49:08) josx: gives me
(13:49:10) josx: Press to exit
(13:49:15) josx: any clue? why?
(13:49:20) josx: how to fix it?
(13:50:54) ardour: josx: its a known problem
(13:50:56) ardour: jwes: we don't have a real fix for it but we have a
(13:51:01) ardour: josx: that was for you
(13:51:08) ardour: (jwes has the same problem)
(13:52:06) jwes: I just got another CRITICAL : event pool out of memory  
recompile with larger size.
(13:52:49) arch_audio: markuman, me too
(13:53:00) josx: which is the workaround?
13:53:57) jwes: I deleted the connections section in the rc file ?
(13:53:59) ardour: josx: you need to edit your ~/.ardour2/ardour.rc file
(13:54:02) arch_audio: the old simple way
(13:54:14) ardour: jwes: and ...
(13:54:28) ardour: josx: ok, near the top there are a set of MIDI port
(13:54:38) jwes: gave me event pool out of memory
(13:54:58) ardour: josx: you need: (a) remove all the
<connection>....</connection> blocks
(13:55:01) ardour: jwes: you either didn't do it right or the file is messed
up again. check it please
(13:55:14) ardour: josx: then remove the </MIDI-Port> lines
(13:55:24) ardour: josx: then add /> at the end of the remain port definition
lines instead of >


2008-11-24 11:06

manager   ~0005324

Can someone confirm if this is still an issue with Ardour 2.7 or later? Thank you.



2008-11-26 05:59

reporter   ~0005376

Just had it here... on 2.7 release


2008-11-30 21:30

administrator   ~0005402

qharley: please post the top of the affected session file, with MIDI port declarations and their "connection" blocks.


2008-12-01 07:52

reporter   ~0005407

Sorry, I fixed the session already using instructions I found here... it was an important session and I had to get it going ASAP. Did not think about saving the old ardour.rc file or the session.

I seem to get all these strange MIDI control related problems on my system. I'll keep en eye out and make backups before I try to fix anything.



2013-02-17 15:18

reporter   ~0014652

i see this error again in recent Mixbus and a2 from svn.

also, if i do not get this error, starting the playback often ends up in PH moving but no sound is heard, or PH jumping randomly between two points in the time line.

i attach my -rc file.



2013-02-17 15:19


ardour.rc (2,833 bytes)


2013-02-23 01:46

reporter   ~0014656

Last edited: 2013-02-23 01:47

I've seen this error as well (with Mixbus). In my case it happens because "Send MMC" and "Use MMC" had been enabled and somehow mysteriously Ardour's MIDI outs where connected to it's ins via Alsa-Midi. I have no real clue why sometimes this connection gets created. I had a feeling that it happened after using a2jmidid with A3, but I could be completely wrong there.

Disabling MMC and/or disconnecting the MIDI connections helped in my case, though.


2013-02-25 11:11

reporter   ~0014659

hallo cla,

it's the right ting to do. i already disabled 'send MMC' and 'use MMC' but still mixbus was connected in alsa-midi to himself. disconnecting this solved the issue.

and yes, i was using a2jmidid with A3 in last days, so...



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