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Summary0002235: Warp in ardour
DescriptionNo se ingles, no se hablar ingles pero les reegalo estas direciones donde ustedes pueden ver la herramienta que tendria que tener ardour

Not English, not speak English but I reegalo these addresses where you can see the tool you would have to take ardour


It is a very useful tool

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This is a fascinating idea

This is a fascinating idea but I cannot imagine adding it to Ardour until some time after version 3.0 comes out. Most people don’t know that Live is running a granular resynthesis engine all the time, which makes transformations like this rather easy. They also have a the possibility of a BBT ruler for every track, which ardour currently does not have. This makes certain aspects of the warp marker idea easier to implement. Please file the idea in our bug/feature request track with a link back to this page, and that way it will not be forgotten.
Thanks, Viva Ardour
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2015-08-10 01:28

reporter   ~0017012

For what it's worth, there is at least one open source live warping library available now:

- Soundtouch -
- Rubberband -

Both of those are used in Mixxx for live stretching, and work very well with a ±15% stretch, and reasonably well outside of that (good enough to be useful for many genres, but not all).

There's also Paulstretch, for extreme stretching, but I doubt it's very useful for Ardour.


2016-08-30 19:55

reporter   ~0018519

Last edited: 2016-10-10 15:05

Here a video how it is done in cubase:

I like this way. Also in combination with pitch detection+correction (called "variaudio" in cubase).

The rubberband library would be a good choice as a foundation to implement such a feature.

A typical workflow:
- You record some tracks with musical instruments/voices
- you notice some timing-problems in single tracks
- you drag some waveform-position with wrong timing to their correct position (possibly snap to musical-rasters)

For the implementation there could be different rendering quality-settings or algorithms for live-preview and mixdowns.

Some musicians may say, "simply record the track again without errors". But I say, this software-workflow above is so easy and effective, and gives very good results.


2016-10-12 21:44

administrator   ~0018792

Ardour already uses Rubberband. We replaced our older use of Soundtouch because the latter had way too many artifacts.

Most/All (?) proprietary DAWs that do this use ZPlane, which is not usable in a GPL context, and is significantly more sophisticated than Rubberband (or Soundtouch). It is a product of nearly 10 years of highly focused development by people who have specialized in this one domain.


2016-10-12 21:49

reporter   ~0018796

What are the reasons, you think, that rubberband would not fullfill the needs for such a feature?


2016-10-12 21:58

administrator   ~0018799

rubberband can provide the API required. the quality of the results is the issue.

anyway, the hard part of this is the GUI, not the backend stretching.


2016-10-13 15:54

reporter   ~0018802

Thank you for the explanation. Yes, I believe, that it would be hard to implement a gui for this. But perhaps in the future, someone is motivated enough to do it. It's a killer feature in my opinion.


2020-10-27 08:41

reporter   ~0025164

I would like to see a open source version of this, is the time stretch feature from rubberband?


2020-10-27 12:32

administrator   ~0025169

yes, it's time stretch in rubberband, as described above. but "dynamic" time stretch (i.e. from sample N1 to sample N2 stretch by 2% then from N2 to N3 by 2.4% then from N3 to N4 by 8% and so on) rather than the single static stretches that we use it for currently.


2023-07-08 15:30

reporter   ~0027870

With the new (Stretch audio to the left and right side) you can split region according to the visual transients and stretch or align transients to grid, to do that you must select the "snap rubberband to grid" option as the image below.

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