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0002214ardourfeaturespublic2008-04-23 12:41
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Summary0002214: Add a default shortcut key combo for Track/Bus inspector window like ALT-T
DescriptionIt has come to my attention that Ardour 2.4.1 is missing a standard, default key combo for the track and bus inspector window. Every other window (apart from the themes manager window, which most people will never use) has an ALT-* key combo except for the Track/Bus inspector which is my most used window after the main ardour window and more than the mixer window, certainly during the recording process.
Additional InformationI normally have the main ardour window on my first desktop, the track/bus inspector on desktop 2 and the mixer on desktop 3, a synth on 4 etc. Be cool to open the track/bus inspector window that bit quicker on a fresh Ardour setup as it has effectively replaced what was previously central to Linux audio - qjackctl - for me.
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2008-04-23 12:41

reporter   ~0004894

this should be easy. open a ardour session, click on menu->'window', now keep the mouse over the 'track/bus inspector' and type a shortcut of your choice.


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