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Summary0002125: Colons in file names (rethink needed?)
DescriptionAfter upgrading to 2.3 I noticed that my Ardour sessions now have an extra folder called "analysis". Inside that folder there are various files whose file names contain colons. This might cause problems if Ardour is to remain cross-platform. Under Windows, a file name isn't permitted to contain a colon and for MacOS, I think a colon signifies a new folder (I'm a bit patchy on Mac but I'm pretty sure that used to be the case).
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2008-03-15 14:27

administrator   ~0004779

no longer true for MacOS (it uses POSIX naming standards)


2008-03-17 09:46

reporter   ~0004788

Thanks for the update Paul. I'd still advise a rethink though, before the file names become too established. The reason being that if a Windows version of Ardour was ever to see the light of day, this problem might prevent session data from being portable (in fact, it would probably prevent a Windows version from working properly). John.


2008-04-03 08:05

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Uh-oh - I think I've just encountered my first casualty with this problem. Ben Loftis and I are planning some demos of Ardour for the BBC in just a few days time. To ease the process of transferring sessions between my PC and Ben's we decided to use a USB memory stick. I bought a memory stick yesterday and (as is common for them) it's formatted as if it were a FAT32 drive. I created some trial sessions yesterday, loaded them and played out the audio without any problem. This morning, all the sessions I played yesterday are unreadable (I can't even load the XML session-state files into a text editor). Some other sessions (on the same memory stick) which I haven't yet loaded, appear to be still intact.

The memory stick is brand new. Therefore it's entirely possible that it's faulty. However, the fact that the 'unused' sessions can still be viewed in a text editor (whereas the other ones can't) must surely be significant. I strongly suspect that the directories for yesterday's trial sessions have become corrupted - due to saving file names with colons on a FAT32 drive.

I'll liaise with Ben later today but we need a fix for this real soon. Is it possible to temporarily disable whatever is writing to the 'analysis' folder? Or would this just cause other problems?

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