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0002121ardourbugspublic2009-01-28 02:04
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Product VersionSVN/2.0-ongoing 
Summary0002121: Auditioning Existing Soundfiles
DescriptionVersion OS X Native on Intel

If you open the file import dialog and audition a file, then cancel out of the dialog without importing the file, Ardour does not seem to close the file correctly and you can't eject the CD from OS X until you close Ardour completely.

Adding on to this, opening the dialog again immediately without closing Ardour, and going to audition other files seems to cause Ardour to stop responding, I had to force quit Ardour and was unable to get a bug report.

Re-Opening the dialog without closing ardour you can, however, import the file that is automatically selected on reopening the dialog.
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2008-12-03 05:24

manager   ~0005441

While the first part of this is still an issue, the second part of t his bug report seems to have been fixed in recent versions of Ardour. The first part of this is still very much alive however.



2009-01-28 02:04

manager   ~0005651

Acknowledging the issue more because it isn't a new report and hasn't been for a while. However I will not confirm it unless someone else tells me they can reproduce it on their machine, as that seems to defeat the purpose to me at this point to confirm my own issue;)


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