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0002007ardourbugspublic2008-01-04 17:02
Reportertimblech Assigned To 
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Summary0002007: better handling of paths to embedded sources
Descriptionwhen embedding external files into a session, they are hard linked to /path/to/$session/interchange/$session/audiofiles/file.wav ...

in the session file, the absolute path to this hard link is stored instead of the relative path, so when moving the session folder to another location, the stored paths become invalid.

if the paths to the hard links are stored as relative paths instead of absolute ones, session folders can be moved without the problem of possibly invalid hard links ...
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2008-01-04 17:01


0001-referring-to-embedded-sources-by-relative-paths.patch (736 bytes)   
diff --git a/gtk2_ardour/ b/gtk2_ardour/
index 971b77a..834d273 100644
--- a/gtk2_ardour/
+++ b/gtk2_ardour/
@@ -545,7 +545,7 @@ Editor::embed_sndfiles (vector<Glib::ustring> paths, bool multifile,
 				if ((s = session->source_by_path_and_channel (path, n)) == 0) {
 					source = boost::dynamic_pointer_cast<AudioFileSource> (SourceFactory::createReadable 
-											       (*session, path,  n,
+                                                                           (*session, path_get_basename(path),  n,
 												(mode == ImportAsTapeTrack ? 
 												 AudioFileSource::Destructive : 
 												 AudioFileSource::Flag (0)),


2008-01-04 17:02

reporter   ~0004620

i've attached a patch, that seems to work for me ...

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