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0001949ardourfeaturespublic2007-11-06 15:36
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Summary0001949: Ardour slows down when scrolling between multiple tracks
DescriptionArdour takes a lot of time to display waveforms in long projects when scrolling trough a lot of tracks.
This has been discussed on IRC, here's the log :
(16:26:21) rdoursenaud: I felt ardour is slow at displaying waveforms on long projects
(16:26:28) las: rdoursenaud: the peaks are stored in floating point format as fractions between -1 and +1
(16:26:34) las: rdoursenaud: what zoom level?
(16:26:49) las: rdoursenaud: when closely zoomed in, it reads data from teh original audio file
(16:27:00) rdoursenaud: las: various
(16:27:24) rdoursenaud: las: but mostly when srolling vertically through the tracks
(16:27:28) las: rdoursenaud: could be some problems in that area i guess, i haven't heard many complaints from people recently but that doesn't mean its not real
(16:27:40) las: rdoursenaud: ah, thats a different issue. yes, that is sort of buggy/sub-optimal
(16:27:53) las: rdoursenaud: the problem there is that the cache for the "offscreen" tracks isn't pre-filled
(16:28:01) las: rdoursenaud: this needs to get fixed
(16:28:23) las: rdoursenaud: the cache filling is driven by the GUI, and in response to things being "exposed"
(16:28:42) las: rdoursenaud: it makes somethings faster but in this case it causes a notable slowdown
(16:29:38) rdoursenaud: las: and it's a pain with heavily multitracked projects
(16:29:58) las: rdoursenaud: it shouldn't be so hard to fix, its all about finding the time to do it
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