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0001888ardourbugspublic2008-12-03 04:47
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001888: Ardour produces corrupted CUE/TOC files when ranges overlap.
DescriptionI was recently working on a project that was a single
1 hour audio file. I was setting up ranges for CD tracks
and noticed that the exported files were wrong. Some tracks
were missing entirely and other tracks started at offsets
> 1600 hours.

This seems to happen when ranges overlap, it's easy to
reproduce on at least 2.0.3 on freebsd x86 and 2.0.5 OS X
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2008-12-03 04:47

manager   ~0005431

Confirmed that this is still a problem in Ardour 2.7 on OS X. The way I see it one of a couple of things should probably happen... either a dialog warning that the track marker locations are illegal and export will stop should appear and export should fail in a 'pleasant' way(Aka, not crash) or Ardour needs to automatically modify the track locations to fix it in the export, informing the user that this was done. Between these two I think the earlier one is probably the better solution, as it is the user's responsibility in my opinion, to make sure that the track locations are where they want them.


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