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0001884ardourbugspublic2009-07-04 04:15
Reportermdunn Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version2.0 
Summary0001884: Export often hangs
DescriptionExporting frequently hangs. Perhaps only when using SRC???

So glad I donated...

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2007-09-25 19:53

developer   ~0004400

Can you attach the .ardour file from a session which hangs when you export it? Also include the sample rate you export to and from.


2007-09-25 19:56

developer   ~0004401

Oh, and please also include the version of jackd you are using and the command line options you use for it. (if you use qjackctl, see the messages dialog after you start jackd and look for the line which says something like "/usr/bin/jackd -R ... -d alsa ...")

2007-09-25 20:22


Messiah2.ardour (12,349 bytes)


2007-09-25 20:25

reporter   ~0004402

-exporting from 96k to 44.1k

-using JackPilot 1.6.0,
Jack v0.101.3
Jack router 0.8.3


2007-09-26 00:27

reporter   ~0004403

I also noticed that /Library/Logs/Console/501/console.log had grown to about 8GB!!! I'm pretty sure there's a connection to my export attempt...


2007-09-27 05:47

developer   ~0004414

Do you still have the console.log ? It would be interesting to see what kind of messages you get there.

Can you tell me a little bit of your jack configuration. For example, what kind of latency are you running at? If you could specify the exact parameters for buffer size, number of periods and client timeout it would be great.


2009-07-04 04:15

manager   ~0006223

Resolving out issue due to length of time without feedback and inability to reproduce.

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