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0001880ardourbugspublic2007-09-20 12:52
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001880: Crash when changing snapshots and using midi control for transport

I am using version 2.0.5 with VST support, downloaded 15 days ago from svn.

I have an open session and I want to use several snapshots of it (same tracks and audiofiles but with different mixer assignments)
I use a midi footswitch for Play / Stop.

In jack-connections (I am using QTJack) I connect the MIDI input of my USB M-Audio Audiophile interface to the Control Input in Ardour.

In Ardour I have assigned the control via ctrl-middleclick over the play and over the stop buttons.

I first created the snapshots and then assigned the midi control separately for each snapshot, if you do first assign midi control and then create snapshots you get same result.

Ardour crashes each time that I:

Play with midi control.
Change snapshot.
In the new snapshot play again with midi control.

--> ardour crashes.

when changing different sessions, this does NOT happen.

Only way to not getting a crash is Re-assigning midi control (ctrl-middleclick) after you changed snapshot.
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2007-09-20 12:52

reporter   ~0004383

Ardour crashes also if I just hide/unhide tracks in the editor view and then save the snapshot (not doing anything with midi), so I think it is probably more related to the snapshot managing than to the midi control. I should change the title.

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