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0001839ardourfeaturespublic2007-08-23 18:41
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Summary0001839: Snapshot Naming should inherit previous session file name
DescriptionWhen taking snapshots, the default file should inherit the name of the session file the snapshot is taken of.

So for example if the session file is SJC, the snapshot name should default to SJC_DATE_TIME or whatever. If the Snapshot is taken of a snapshot, it should inherit the NAME ONLY of the original snapshot, this is important when naming snapshots to keep track of development, for example...

I have one session where I am mixing down 4 nights of live shows into a single CD. I build my basic editor layout for each night, 24 tracks, etc. I then take a snapshot with the regions for night 1 in it(SJC_Night1_Date_Time), clear all regions and insert the regions for night 2, take a snapshot(SJC_Night2_Date_Time), etc. on for all 4 nights. I then use these snapshots to switch between mixes for different nights, and take snapshots of them as appropriate, but the snapshot name defaults to just a time and date, instead of inheirting SJC_Night1 SJC_Night2 etc.

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