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0001838ardourfeaturespublic2007-08-23 18:36
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Summary0001838: Group Snapshots
DescriptionIn the Snapshots Tab in the editor mixer, it would be nice if we could group snapshots according to a heirarchy they were created by default...

Meaning if I take a snapshot, it shows up under the original session, if I take another snapshot of the original session, it also shows up under the original session. But if I take a snapshot of the first snapshot, it shows up under the first snapshot in a tree structure.

Useful for someone like me, who due to toher reasons, recently found that the best way to handle a session he was working on was to use different snapshots to go between different nights of recordings(Playlists, etc. would not work) and to keep those nights of recordings separate. Related feature request about naming to be filed shortly.

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