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0001822ardourotherpublic2007-08-08 16:52
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001822: Ennoying popup when CPU too slow
I'm using ardour2 on a blue imac g3 (550 Mhz) with 700mb ram memory, so it's a relatively old system. I have an 8 track ardour session with a couple of plugins. Suprisingly, it works very well. But in some cases the computer is a little too slow, and then ardour gives a poppup message. As a consequence, I have to click the ok-button every time ardour shows this poppup (*Frustrated; YES, I know my computer is slow and I have to buy a new one ;-) ), and even more cpu-time is needed for generating the popup.

It would be more convenient if ardour just stops playing and displays the log window with this message. This way, a window is only being created the first time (the log window) and pressing the 'ok'-button isn't necessary anymore, and I just go on with editing.
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