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0001810ardourbugspublic2007-08-04 11:51
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001810: multiple pasting of automation causes NaN output
DescriptionWhen pasting a range of automation data, an extra event is created at the beginning and end of the range, with the value of the first/last event in the source.

When pasting the automation twice at the same position, the event at the beginning of the range will be duplicated, resulting in two events at the same time (each paste adds an event at the beginning).

If (during playback) ardour reaches the duplicated event or the event before the duplicated event, it produces NaN output until it reaches the next single event.

Ardour is 2.0.4.
Additional InformationThe attached session does contain a duplicated event, created by copy & paste. Audio data is not required to reproduce the bug.
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2007-08-04 11:51


automation_bug.ardour (5,523 bytes)

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