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0001806ardourbugspublic2007-08-03 19:21
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Summary0001806: time jumps when pressing play while rew/ffwd
DescriptionIf I press play while rew/ffwd is active (to go back to normal speed), the playhead position jumps to the last position where I changed from stop to play.

This problem occurs when using either GUI buttons, keyboard control or Frontier device. When I press the play button on BCF2000/MCU-mode the speed changes back to normal at the correct position.

Possibly related: When using the "shuttle speed control" (GUI element or Tranzport device, no difference) to change speed from stopped to any speed != zero, the stop button remains marked. When I now press play on the BCF/MCU, on the BCF both stop and play buttons lights are on, and the GUI stop button remains active.
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2007-08-02 23:25

developer   ~0004218

Last edited: 2007-08-03 11:26

I can repeat this. Not using any external controllers.

Did you know you can use ctrl+cursor keys to activate rwd/ffwd/play/revplay ?
So as a work around you can use ctrl+cursor_up key to transition from wind to play speed.

Problem as reported is not connected to whether 'auto return' is on or not, clicking the play button whilst in wind just jumps you back to the last known play point.

Pressing play, whilst in play, does the same thing too, this is quite nice but aught to only happen when 'auto return' is enabled. ie pressing play whilst in play and 'auto return' is disabled should do nothing other than continue in play.


2007-08-03 19:21

reporter   ~0004223

After more testing I can completely confirm your (updated) note.

Strange is that MCU/BCF2000 knobs for play do behave normal (i.e. as expected, not jumping back).

When I press first stop and than play the behaviour is correct (jumping back only if 'auto return' is activated).

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