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0001794ardourbugspublic2007-07-25 14:17
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001794: Can't record from 'zero' on time line. Have to start a bar or so ahead.
DescriptionI run into this problem time and time again, where I go to record a track after hitting the 'Page up' key to get back to the very beginning of the time line. I enable recording and hit play, and the track turns pink as though it were recording but no wav is actually recorded. If I set a locater point a bar or so ahead and start recording from there instead, it records fine.

I can record from zero if I first go into 'punch in' mode (no 'punch out'), but that shouldn't be neccessary.
Additional InformationI'm generally recording a guitar track, while (software) monitoring the input through a send fed by the inputs of my sound card. I'll usually have Hydrogen playing in the background as well, sometimes on its own and other times routed through Ardour.
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