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0001773ardourfeaturespublic2007-07-18 17:34
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Summary0001773: Folder tracks
DescriptionFolder tracks would be a nice addition, and helpful in managing larger projects.
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2007-07-17 16:17

developer   ~0004143

What are folder tracks ? More detail required.


2007-07-17 16:26

administrator   ~0004144

oofus, check the docs on recent cubase sx, which has folder tracks. basically, collections of other tracks, grouped into a single horizontal track.


2007-07-18 15:44

reporter   ~0004156

A folder track is typically created like any other track (input, bus, etc.), only it has no audio properties of it's own. It serves as a container for other tracks, which can be dragged and dropped into it and then collapsed or unfolded (like in a file explorer gui) to hide or reveal the tracks within.

Tracktion 3 has an interesting twist on this in that they allow folder tracks to behave as busses for the tracks they contain. That's a nice feature, but may or may not be in keeping with the design philosophy of Ardour.

Just basic folder tracks, though, are a real help and seem to be fairly ubiquitous in all the major DAWS.


2007-07-18 16:08

developer   ~0004158

At the moment Ardour allows you to arbitrarily add tracks to a group (either editor or mixer groups). These groups can then be hidden and unhidden. The thing that doesn't happen but could be added is that some sort of indicator remains on the editor track view to show that a group has be hidden. This indicator (a bar, like a blank track) could be used to hide/un-hide a group. The bar would contain the name of the group and a collapse/expand icon.

Would extending 'group' capabilities in this way be close enough to folder tracks ?


2007-07-18 17:34

reporter   ~0004159

Last edited: 2007-07-18 17:42

What you describe sounds perfect. I saw the groups there but haven't checked it out yet (too busy having a blast with recording and mixing). I thought they were for bus groups or something. If you could find a way to extend that existing functionality with some sort of indicator on the track I think that would be great.

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