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0001759ardourfeaturespublic2007-07-17 17:36
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001759: Permanent Shuttle Speed
DescriptionRequest for a third wheel mode.

The way it works now, is that wheel mode will reset if you stop or start playing from another position.

This request is for a mode to set the shuttle speed permanent, so that it doesn't reset no matter what.
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2007-07-09 23:15

developer   ~0004113

I have often thought that the shuttle control is actually two features in one, a shuttle control and a vari-speed control. Sometimes you may want to shuttle the playhead backwards and forwards at varying speeds that has nothing to do with setting playback speed in % or st steps. On the other hand you may want to set the playback speed (which stays set through transport changes) in % or st steps. I think these 2 features are independent and should be implemented as such, what if I want to set a vari-speed value for playback and then use the shuttle to locate the playhead, currently you cant.

What b0ef wants (correct me if I'm wrong), is a vari-speed control as I've defined it.


2007-07-17 17:36

developer   ~0004146

To re-state

Vari-speed is about applying an offset to play speed in semi-tones or cents.

Shuttle is a control to locate the playhead at varying speeds.

One should not affect the other.

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