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0001722ardourbugspublic2007-08-03 12:00
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001722: 2.0.2 : Import Window overflows of the screen, with french locales again !
DescriptionHi team, I suppose it's not a major issue, but I find the situation a bit annoying sometimes.
I join a print screen with.

As you can see on the capture : the Import Window overflows of the screen. Same problem in fullscreen mode.
And I can't resize on the left or on the right to fit the window to the resolution screen. So my watching : why the black area, where we can select the files, is so big ? I can't resize the NAME column with the mouse.

( 10mn later...)

Woo, I am just discovering the problem 'works great' when Ardour is running with french locales. It's my second bug report on this theme. I don't have this problems with Ardour + english locales. In consequence, the severity is MAJOR :)
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2007-06-06 17:18


capture2.jpg (143,149 bytes)   
capture2.jpg (143,149 bytes)   

2007-08-03 11:49


2007-08-03 11:49



2007-08-03 11:52

reporter   ~0004220

I experience the very same problem. Attached captures with both en_EN and fr_FR LANG variables. The "name" column, with both locales, cannot be reduced; but one can make it larger. The problem seems to be the default (and minimum) size of the "name" column.


2007-08-03 11:57

reporter   ~0004221

I just played a bit more with that window. The "name" column's minimal width is related to the whole window and follows its size upon shrinking. This is standard among other gnome applications; what's not is the infamous width with french locale.


2007-08-03 12:00

reporter   ~0004222

hi, the same here if i start ardour with german locales (which i never do).
the import window is wider than the screen and i cannot resize.
the mostly place is taken from the black area in the middle where we select files.

don't know if this is major, cause starting ardour with english prefix works always good for me.


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