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0001720ardourfeaturespublic2007-06-04 09:34
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Summary0001720: hidable channel strip sections
Descriptioni rarely ever use the post fader inserts etc section of the channel strips, so it would be much neater to look at for me if i could hide these or any other part of a strip on one or all channels. obviously they should be easy to bring back as well. this would be good for teaching purposes as well, where you can hide everything except the faders perhaps to introduce the mixing slowly.

as well as being able to hide sections, you should be able to reoder them (this should happen on all tracks at once to save confusion). i never liked the location of the post fader section (even though it makes sense, i think it looks out of place) and would love to be able to move it above the faders, and i'd also like to move the title below the faders so they are closer together.

the only negative i can see with movable sections is there needs to be a visual distinction between the pre and post sections so they don't get confused. maybe slightly different backgrounds? small headers above or to the side of the box area?

the input and output sections are another prime candidate for this - once they are set you usually are just leaving them there, so if you have appropriate track titles you don't need to always see them.
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