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0001719ardourfeaturespublic2008-11-24 11:42
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Summary0001719: send faders in channel strips
Descriptionhaving to open up an edit dialog just to adjust a send fader feels very clumsy to me. it would be much better if thorwil's 'fan faders' idea was integrated with the send title on the channel fader - click and drag left and right to increase and decrease the level. the level should be indicated as a horizontal 'fader' behind the send name text.
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2008-01-13 22:18

reporter   ~0004655

I think this is a great idea. It can be a bit awkward to adjust the mix of channels going into a reverb bus, for example, and this would make that easier.


2008-10-18 02:08

reporter   ~0005194

i know that there is supposed to be a redesign of the way sends etc work in trunk, is this feature going to be a part of it?


2008-10-23 13:30

reporter   ~0005205

More generally I'd say that being able to put a fader/knob/toggle for any automatable parameter in the channel strip would be handy. Of course you can fake this up with an external software midi control surface (I tried "midicontroller") but it's something that's better integrated with the main mixer I think.

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