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0001718ardourfeaturespublic2007-07-20 14:03
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Summary0001718: sends, inserts and plugin improvements
Descriptioni had a few ideas on how i think the creation of plugins, sends etc could be improved:

faders should appear in the creation dialog of a send, so once you have chosen the ports to send to you can adjust the level immediately, rather than having to open up a second 'edit' dialog.

there should be an option in the creation dialogs of plugins, sends etc to 'activate on creation'. this is mostly useful when combined with the option above on a send.

when creating a plugin, the first thing you normally want to do is edit it, so the edit window(s) should open up immediately after creating a plugin. i suppose an option to disable this behavior would appease those who don't like it this way, but it would speed up things a lot.

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2007-07-20 14:03

reporter   ~0004176

Another related feature : a "activate/deactivate" switch in the send edit window would be a great improvement IMHO.

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