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0001696ardourbugspublic2009-07-05 23:19
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Summary0001696: Ardour take 99% CPU upon Jack disconnect
DescriptionArdour 2.0.2 latest from SVN, if jack disconnects for any reason ardour will take 99% of the CPU resources. It will not be possible to restart jack under these conditions without first stopping Ardour.

Jack is version 1.0.5 compiled from SVN on an EM64T platform.
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2008-02-24 12:51

reporter   ~0004749

I can confirm this for versions:
jackd 0.109.2
ardour 2.3

Any externally caused disconnect from jackd (that is, not through "JACK/Disconnect" in Ardour menu) seems to cause maximal CPU usage by Ardour. In contrast to initial reporter, I've been able to restart jackd while ardour keeps running and reconnect, which terminates the CPU usage and allows normal operation again.


2008-02-25 23:23

administrator   ~0004752

your version numbers are incomprehensible ... there is no Ardour 2.0.2, and there is no JACK 1.0.5 ....


2009-07-04 04:22

manager   ~0006227

Is this still an issue on recent versions of Ardour(2.8 or newer)? I have not had this happen for a number of versions now.


2009-07-05 22:58

reporter   ~0006358

no I have not seen anything similar with recent builds.


2009-07-05 23:19

manager   ~0006362

Ok resolving this issue out as it appears to have been fixed.

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