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0001687ardourbugspublic2007-06-02 11:46
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Summary0001687: Latency issues at 3 periods/buffer
Description<phatmonkey> las, i take it plugin delay compensation doesn't work on a bus? i stuck a reverb on a bus and it's all playing out of sync with the rest of the mix
<las> phatmonkey: our plugin delay compensation is for recorded material only, and doesn't involve any delay lines
<las> phatmonkey: however, the tracks that do not feed the bus should be delayed during playback and line up in sync. what reverb is it?
<las> edogawa: feel free
<phatmonkey> las, SIR
* xcon has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
<phatmonkey> las, the vst plugin
<las> phatmonkey: i wonder if it reports what vst calls "initial delay"
<las> phatmonkey: if it does, then the tracks that don't feed the bus should be delayed, if it doesn't, ardour can't do anything because it doesn't know that the plugin has any latency
<phatmonkey> las, it all worked fine on a project before
<phatmonkey> las, interestingly enough, none of the tracks seem to sync up with the click
<phatmonkey> all slightly ahead of the beat
<phatmonkey> ah, the bus with reverb is ahead of the beat, the other tracks are behind the beat!
<las> phatmonkey: we need to provide better tools to analyse this but jack_lsp -L
<las> phatmonkey: that will show you what ardour understands about per-route latency
<las> phatmonkey: look at the number for the outs of the bus with SIR
<phatmonkey> las, 8960 frames
<las> phatmonkey: sounds like SIR is reporting in
<phatmonkey> las, pretty much everything else is the same
<las> phatmonkey: i wish i had more time right now - i have my first big race of the season tomorrow, and i am busy getting packed and ready to go
<phatmonkey> las, the click is 2048 frames!
<phatmonkey> las, ok, no worries
<las> phatmonkey: it outputs via the audio interface
<las> phatmonkey: you're running at 1024 * 2, i would guess
<phatmonkey> las, 1024 * 3
<phatmonkey> if you mean frames/period * periods/buffer
<las> phatmonkey: ah, that might be another issue. please file a bug report, i'll look at it next week when i should have plenty of time
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2007-05-19 13:28

reporter   ~0003997

I have tried with jackdmp and jackd at both 44.1k and 48k.


2007-06-02 11:46

reporter   ~0004051

<phatmonkey> las, there are some major latency compensation issues when there are plugins in buses, it's making ardour unusable for some of my mixes. maybe it's just because i'm using vst plugins, i don't know
<phatmonkey> las, here's what i'm doing. i have a send half way through the inserts on my snare track, sending it to a bus which has a heavy compressor on it. both feed into a drum bus. the heavily compressed bussed snare plays noticeably earlier than the main snare
<phatmonkey> las, i don't have a click track on this, but when i did a similar thing with an acoustic guitar (two delayed guitars feeding into a stereo bus with reverb insert), enabling the reverb on the bus made everything be out of time. i think the reverbed bus was slightly before the click and everything else was slightly behind the click, i forget

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