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0001680ardourfeaturespublic2007-05-15 08:30
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Platformx86OSGentoo Linux 
Product Version2.0 
Summary0001680: Cannot resync MIDI control surface
DescriptionArdour/GTK 2.0.2 (built using 1810 and GCC version 4.1.1 (Gentoo 4.1.1))

I have a BCR2000 (hence generic control surface) which is programmed for use in a 'paged' fashion.

Since BCR ignores CC feedback messages for 'pages' which are not current, I need a way to resync the surface.

Under 0.99.x I believe this was ctrl-m. I cannot find similar functionality in Ardour2.

[Apologies if this is RTFM]
Steps To Reproduce1) Select program 2 on BCR.
2) Wiggle a control bound to BCR program 1
3) Return to BCR program 1
4) Ardour and BCR are now out of sync
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