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0001676ardourfeaturespublic2011-03-17 19:25
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Summary0001676: The ability to create a new session from a template on the command line
DescriptionCurrently ardour can create a new session from the command line using the -N option flag. This will launch ardour into the Session Control dialog using the name specified after the -N flag as the name of the new session.

I guess because the rest of the session options still may need to be specified it does not make sense for the session to be created automatically.

I'm requesting that a session template be allowed to be specified on the command line so the new session can be created straight away without having to interact with the Session Control dialog with the advanced options read from the session template without having to be specified.

Some suggestions for the syntax for specifying the template are:

$ardour2 -N session-name absolute/or/relative/path/to/template

which means the path to the session template takes the place of the session name/file.

or perhaps

$ardour2 -N session-name -T absolute/or/relative/path/to/template
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2007-05-14 14:22

developer   ~0003967

requesting feedback on the feature and any syntactical suggestions


2007-05-14 18:47

reporter   ~0003970

I think that precisely describes my requirements. Thanks Tim.


2008-12-16 16:58

reporter   ~0005527

Will this feature be considered for 2.x, or is it too late?


2008-12-17 01:24

developer   ~0005532

I'm no longer interested in implementing this feature.

As I understand it new features are no longer being implemented in the 2.X branch.


2011-03-17 19:24

reporter   ~0010370

Interested in this feature to automate recording.

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