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0001673ardourbugspublic2007-05-13 19:30
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001673: Strange playhead behaviour if zooming in while playing
DescriptionIf zooming /in/ while playing, then trying to reposition the playhead by clicking somewhere on the timeline, the playhead is placed at some offset to the right of where you click, although the time display (BBT/Timecode/... field at the top center) is updated to where you clicked.

This "offset" stays the same until you relocate the playhead by other means, f.ex. drag it with the mouse or ALT+ENTER (to edit cursor).

I have also had two crashes while doing approximately the same (zooming while playing and/or recording), and as such wonder if that might be related, but have been unable to consistently reproduce the crashes or get a backtrace, since they have happened only on a rare occasion.
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2007-05-13 19:30

reporter   ~0003963

Correction: This only happens if "View->ZoomFocus" is set to "Zoom Focus Left".

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