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0001638ardourfeaturespublic2009-07-06 02:24
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Summary0001638: status dialog while embedding audio
DescriptionIf you try to embed a large number of audio files at the same time (say, 10 files), there is no visual indication that ardour is doing anything once you press the "embed" button. The only indication that ardour hasn't simply frozen are the status messages that appear in the console (assuming you started ardour2 from a console). it might be nice to have some type of status/progress window po pup to let the user know that its request is being processed.
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2007-04-28 14:55

reporter   ~0003864

I was doing the same operation today and there is a progress bar for each track as it is being loaded, this is on rc2.


2007-04-28 15:13

reporter   ~0003865

hm, interesting. using rev 1752 this is what i do:
new session,
session-menu | add existing audio | as regions
select 15 tracks at once
click 'embed'

i can see no progress bar. is the progress bar in an obvious location? am i just missing it?


2007-05-11 13:16

reporter   ~0003929

i can't see any progress bar while embeding audio files in the way Eminence described.
but here this is the same if i am embeding just one file.
this is on v2.0.2



2009-07-06 02:17

reporter   ~0006376

As of Ardour2 version 2.8, an "importing" window pops up with a progress bar which indicates that the file is being converted and/or resampled as necessary. A minor issue still remains though. The "importing" window reports that each file is file 1 of N. For example, if you import 4 files, each one is reported as file 1 of 4.


2009-07-06 02:24

manager   ~0006378

I am going to resolve out this issue as the issue with the always showing 1 of N files is logged elsewhere in Mantis and the original issue for this seems to be fixed.

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