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0001624ardourfeaturespublic2017-12-14 19:15
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PlatformDual 666MHz PIIIOSMandrivaOS Version2007
Target Version3.X 
Summary0001624: Option to 'remove DC' from audio regions.
DescriptionOption to 'remove DC' from audio regions.
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2010-08-17 12:05

reporter   ~0008849



2012-11-19 13:41

administrator   ~0014278

Any hints on the implementation? Should this be a non-destructive operation?

On import? per region? per range?

I suppose a high-pass filter is the wrong way (already available as plugin).
You want a calculate average + subtract that as fixed value to every sample, right?


2012-11-20 18:48

reporter   ~0014283

What process generates a fixed dc offset that can be dealt with that way?

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