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0001614ardourfeaturespublic2007-04-16 11:01
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Summary0001614: A very simple groovebox-like system as the click feature
DescriptionWhy do not implement a very simple groovebox-like system as the click feature? Minimum features are:
- A bar division setting independent form the Ardour's bars
- One line of thee-states buttons (None|Normal|Accent)
- A light on the top of each tree-state button to show the time scrolling
- A test button to ear the click without playing the session
Additional InformationI experienced that a click made with a very simple rhythm pattern suggesting the rhythm of the song is a lot better than just a click on each beat with an accent on the first one.
I usually use a groove-box clone for that but this type of device/software have a lot of features that we don't use just for a click, and it makes things heavy.
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