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0001581ardourfeaturespublic2007-03-29 02:01
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Summary0001581: feature request: option export all tracks to individual WAV files
DescriptionA valuable addition to Ardour would be the ability to export multiple or all tracks in the current project to individual WAV files, rather than only being able to export everything to one stereo track.

It would be best if the export of individual tracks is done pre-fader, or if pre/post-fader export could be selected by the user.
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2007-03-26 15:14

reporter   ~0003663

In addition to a choice of pre/post fader exports, pre/post plugins would be great too.


2007-03-26 16:39

reporter   ~0003668

It would also be nice with a way to export a set of tracks as individual tracks into a multitrack matroska container.


2007-03-27 23:14

reporter   ~0003679

An option for exporting just the arrangement without region gain envelopes would be very handy in addition to the ones mentioned in note 3663.


2007-03-29 02:01

reporter   ~0003680

see also:
       0001104: request for export of multichannel audio files

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