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Summary0001579: Options->Surfaces->surfacename and "controls"
Descriptionto me it would make more sense for the surfaces menu instead of looking like this:

Remote id assigned by user
Remote id follows order of mixer
Remote id follows order of editor



to look more like this with submenus

Mackie -> [checkbox] Enable
          [checkbox] Feedback
          [checkbox] Snap-to slave
          [checkbox] Follow selected track
Tranzport-> same as above

The first two changes are merely changing how the menu is created in build_control_surface_menu.

(as I envision a dozen or more additions to the surfaces support, the menu gets kind of long otherwise. Also, "controls" where it is is confusing.

The 2nd two ideas are extensions to the control protocol that seem to have fallen out of actually working with the mackie and alphatrack. The first extension is the idea that a shuttle wheel COULD be set to follow the default snap-to increment and be a far more useful thing. The second extension, is if you have a device with a limited number of faders (like - 1), enabling "follow selected track would tell the device to select that track when the user selects that track, making integration of mouse and surface editing more intuitive.

Last idea: as it is possible that someone will have multiple devices
the probe routine could report back multiples of each surface and the menu show:

"Tranzport 0000001
 Tranzport #2


some sort of unique number would have to also be associated with the device
(in the case of usb, the manufacturer id + the serial number would suffice) and have to be mapped to it on some consistent basis.

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2007-04-13 17:49


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