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0001516ardourfeaturespublic2007-03-05 10:01
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Summary0001516: Nodes are only created when releasing the mouse button. I would like it to be created when pressing it instead.
DescriptionLike it is now, it seems like there is a bug in Ardour.

Is there a reason why the node is not created immediately?
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2007-03-04 15:44

administrator   ~0003495

yes, there is. you may be initiating a drag operation to select a group of existing nodes. we can't tell until you either release the button or move.


2007-03-05 10:01

reporter   ~0003503

Right, that makes sense. But I would think its far more common to add a new node, than to select a group of existing nodes?

Wouldn't it be better to have a special mode, or a keyboard combination or something, to select a group of existing nodes?

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