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0001513ardourbugspublic2007-04-07 03:36
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Summary0001513: Minimizing the size of an object makes it unable to resize it later
Description1. Grab one of the size handles of a sound object.
2. Drag until the size of the sound object is as small as possible.
3. Not possible to resize the object anymore.
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2007-03-02 15:26

reporter   ~0003464

right, here too. i was able to resize a region one time, but than not anymore.



2007-03-02 15:45

reporter   ~0003470

I can actually resize the object again if I just zoom in.

But then I suddenly get this error:

[ERROR]: AudioSource[Blub_mono16-TIMEFX-0.wav]: peak read - cannot read 0 samples at offset 515529

(I'll try to add a separate report for this one.)


2007-03-03 10:42

reporter   ~0003482

Gain automations can get screwed up as well if minimizing too much.


2007-03-03 17:52

reporter   ~0003487

Kjetil: I believe that bug you mention in note 0003470 is known. It's a very old bug.


2007-03-04 09:27

reporter   ~0003488

If its an old bug, then I guess its a good thing that it was reminded.

Its a serious error. Especially the automation madness that can happen.


2007-04-07 03:36

administrator   ~0003746

peak file building was completely reimplemented recently. the zoom issue should no longer be a problem.

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