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Summary0001494: System Requirements section(s) for the Ardour Manual
DescriptionThere are already System Requirements pages on the Web at:

These provide useful information and probably deserve a home somewhere within the Manual as well.
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2007-02-15 12:21

developer   ~0003298

It seems like a good idea to me, my main concern is that at this stage I'd rather not see content added to the manual but rather improve the existing content.

It would mean having duplicated information in the manual and on the website which I prefer didn't happen. There are several solutions to that though so it is only a minor issue.

I also looked in a few of the freely available manuals to some commercial DAW's and they didn't contain much information regarding system requirments that I could see but perhaps that is because it is in a separate booklet or on the box :)

Those pages you listed do provide some useful information but I'm not sure that something like that belongs in the manual unless it was simplified and clarified a fair bit.


2007-04-02 00:31

reporter   ~0003694

I thought it would be worth including information relevant to getting Ardour installed, such as prerequisite libraries and tools, maybe a brief Jack how-to (perhaps based on This is kind of assuming that the user starts by reading the manual! Maybe some of this kind of information would better belong in the proposed "Ardour Concepts" or "Quick Start" sections.

I agree that concentrating on improving existing content should be a priority in the meantime, though.

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