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0001491ardourbugspublic2007-02-11 19:56
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Summary0001491: All audio files from older session deleted by Ardour
DescriptionI tried to open two older sessions with latest SVN - sessions which opened without drama about a month ago - and ardour has deleted all the sounds from their folders. Very depressing.

The second session, when it opened popped up a dialgue saying it couldn't find the audiofiles in the folder "sounds", so it was replacing them with silence. So i browsed to the folder in question in my file manager, and all the audiofiles were there. I decided to close the session and try again, but as soon as it closed, i saw all the audio files disappear from my file manager. Same thing happened to the first session (though i hadn't really been paying attention then).

I'll attach the session files, in case they're any help.
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2007-02-11 19:55


2007-02-11 19:56


new_song_29_aug_05.ardour (124,511 bytes)

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