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Summary0001453: Importing stereo tracks
Description1 recorded some songs
2 mixed the songs to stereo tracks
3 created a new session for a mastering
4 clicked on "add existing audio (as regions)(to tracks) ... whatever"
5 the browser always show something like that:

Audio 1-1%L.wav
Audio 1-1%R.wav

6 so I have to import two files, make two mono regions and align the two halfes
  on different mono-tracks (time-eating)

99 it would be great to import only one file to get it as a whole
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2007-02-01 20:09

administrator   ~0003148

Last edited: 2007-02-01 20:11

no, you do not have to do this, first of all, please read this: especially the section on "Using audio files as tracks or regions?".

then, when you do the import, do so as "As Track". a stereo file will produce a single stereo track. you imported "As Regions", with the results you described.


2007-02-06 19:04

administrator   ~0003185

please comment and/or close this issue.


2007-02-07 11:22

reporter   ~0003191

Thanx for your help, Paul!
I'll read the manual and try to import a stereo track tonight!


2009-07-04 05:28

manager   ~0006240

Resolving issue as it seems to ahve been a non-issue and hasbeen idle for several years.

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