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0001452ardourbugspublic2010-04-10 00:33
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Summary0001452: make mono regions - regions view - Audio X-X.1-R "outside triangle"
Description0.1 Created a new session
1 Added a stereo track (type normal)
2 Recorded something on this track (inputs 1+2)
3 Wanted to fix something in the left part of the stereo track
4 Thought it would be great to have mono tracks to fix the left of my stereo
5 Right-clicked on the file and chose "make mono regions"
6 Got this in region view:

|V Audio 1-2
|----Audio 1-2.1 [2]
|----Audio 1-2.1-L
|Audio 1-2.1-R

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2007-02-01 19:47

administrator   ~0003147

known bug. won't be fixed before 2.0 is released. it requires a significant change in how we handle external files. thanks for filing the report, thus ensuring that i don't forget this.


2009-12-15 13:10

reporter   ~0007244

Looks like it was forgotten after all... :)

For what it's worth, this issue is present in 2.7.1 (I'm compiling 2.8.4 at the moment).


2010-04-10 00:33

administrator   ~0007472

Happens in 3.0 too.

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