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Summary0001435: sometimes (with TAP reverb) playback doesn't output sound
DescriptionI noticed this bug/wierdness in beta10, and I can still reproduce it beta11. I've attached a minimum session (tar.gz'ed) to reproduce it.

Place the playback cursor in the gap between the two audio regions and press play.. When the plug-in on track 1 is active, no sound comes from the track, even when the cursor has entered the second region. If the cursor is _in_ the region when I press play, the track plays.

Of the plugins I tested, this happens only with the TAP eq, so it's probably a plugin problem -- only I'm quite sure this didn't happen with the earlier beta8 (whic I also tried.)
Additional InformationMy machine is a laptop with Kubuntu 6.10. Ardour was built from source, everything else was installed with apt-get.
Enclosed test session is recorded over the laptop builtin mic, sorry about sound- and vocal quality ;)
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2010-04-26 22:00

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