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0001434ardourbugspublic2010-07-22 09:30
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PlatformCentrino 1.6GHz LaptopOSLinuxOS VersionMandriva 2007
Target Version3.X 
Summary0001434: Some minor issues with the shuttle control.
Description1. When dragging the shuttle line, it can be dragged outside the righthand limits of the box. Dragging left is fine.
2. The display for % or ST is too small, when set to ST, so all the characters cannot be seen.
3. With the shuttle in 'sprung' and the transport in play, when dragging the shuttle line through 0 (ie stop) this can change the transport to stop even though the mouse has not been released. If you are in play it should always spring back to play. If you are in stop it should always spring back to stop.
4. The relationship between the shuttle position and the transport buttons are not always maintained when switching between 'sprung' and 'wheel'
5. In 'wheel' when dragging the shuttle, the line can become slightly out of step with the mouse. So when you stop on a particular speed, then release the mouse the speed jumps to the real mouse position.
6. When in 'sprung' the mouse wheel can be used to change the playback speed, but it acts like it is in 'wheel' and does not spring back.
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