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0001426ardourfeaturespublic2008-12-03 04:34
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Summary0001426: remember missing jack connections
i have been using ardour as a mixer for all the audio in my computer. i have saved a song that has all the input connections specified in the mixer, of course if i load it up and a certain program isn't running, that connection doesn't exist... but it would be nice if ardour could remember the name of that non-existant connection, so if i subsequently open the program and press "rescan" in ardour it can reconnect, instead of me having to reload the song again, or manually reconnect each channel.
this happens if i reboot superollider of course, it can be irritating to constantly reload my template mixer song.
thanks for listening.
Additional Informationos x 10.4.8 / macbook rev 1 / 2ghz / 2gb ram
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