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0001416ardourfeaturespublic2008-12-03 04:35
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Summary0001416: moving over button - colour change
when moving over some buttons, the colour changes so drastically that it's impossible to see what its current status is. ie in the plugin window, hovering above the bypass button means i can no longer work out if the bypass is on or not, as it changes from being red for bypass and grey for not, to being very very slight changes in the grey colour.
can i suggest the border of a button changing colour, maybe to a bright yellow, instead of a button completely changing colour when the mouse cursor hovers?
or maybe just a slightly different shade of red at least.
for myself, i don't need the button to change colour to know that the mouse is hovering on it, that is rather given away by the position of the pointer!
but this colour thing is really impacting on the usability of ardour for me.
thanks for listening.
Additional Informationos x 10.4.8 / macbook rev 1 / 2ghz / 2gb ram
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2007-01-11 19:56

administrator   ~0003050

this is a GTK feature. we cannot fix it. GTK is fundamentally misdesigned for apps that use color to indicate status. we have filed a bug with the GTK team about it, but we sadly don't expect to see it change.

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