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0001404ardourbugspublic2007-01-05 10:56
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Summary0001404: Ardour2 + VST = no keyboard input in VST interface
DescriptionA copy of my email to the 'ardour-users' mailinglist:

I recently compiled VST support into Ardour2 and installed one of my favorite plugins using wine: drumagog[1].

The plugin seems to work perfectly in Ardour2, except for the fact that the plugin's VST interface doesn't take any keyboard input... When pressing a 'z' in an input box for example, Ardour changes to the zoom tool on the background...

I use Ardour beta9, Drumagog 4.08 (both demo[2] and retail) and Wine 0.9.28




Additional InformationPaul's reaction to my email: "its a problem in ardour. i will need to think about the best way to handle this. thanks for the information about it."

"Should I 'feed the Mantis' with this issue?"

Paul: "yes please."
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