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0001397ardourfeaturespublic2007-01-03 20:22
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Summary0001397: Exporting the keyboard to slave UIs
Descriptionit would be nice to have the main keyboard available to slave devices like the tranzport.

Use cases:

Hit shift on the main keyboard, play on the slave (the slave is responsible for doing the right thing). It's sometimes hard to press both keys on the tranzport, easy to hit shift on the main and play on the other....


Some otherwise unused meta key + Page UP/Page Down - change modes on the tranzport

Looks like either this could be part of the gtk_snooper already in there.

Now, that's slave - readonly mode - in the general case a good thing.

Or a separate snooper installed...
I sometimes think that injecting keystrokes could be the right thing for some devices. It gives one code path for events to go through, which simplifies testing and keeps from having to add all sorts of functionality to the control protocol.

On the other hand it does open a whole can of worms.
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2007-01-03 20:21

administrator   ~0002984

there is no key snooper any more. that was a GTK1 thing, used before we did the "proper" method for installing accelerators.


2007-01-03 20:22

administrator   ~0002985

oh, and injecting keystrokes can be done the same way that page up/down are handling now from the tranzport - the slave UI emits a static control protocol signal, the GUI handles it in some intelligent fashion.

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