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0001377ardourfeaturespublic2006-12-19 23:39
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Summary0001377: Import of Projects / Sessions of other Systems or Software, especially "Stand Alone" Hard Disk Recorders.
DescriptionIt would be very helpful, if it was possible to import (and maybe export, too) Sessions of other software (i.e. Pro Tools, Nuendo, Samlitude, Sequoia, Cubase, Logic ....). This can be important, when you like to use different studios for different parts of a recording.

Even more important for me would be the possibility of imorting the sessions of stand alone hard disk recorders (we have a mackie sdr, wich seems to be widely used, but there are others common used manely alesis and fostex). For live recordings these recorders are very useful due to their relybility and compact size compared to a computer. We use an external harddrive to bring the data (.wav files named by tracks and take number, i.e. track1_tk1.wav, track1_tk2.wav ...) into the computer, but it is a nightmare to position the audiofiles in ardour. Samplitude has a function, that positions the wav files acording to their timestamp, that helps a lot, especially if you have many takes. But the best would be, if ardour could read the profect file of the recorder, and automatically import the audio to a project.
Additional InformationMacBook
Mac OS X 10.4
Intel Core Duo 2 GHz, 2 GB Ram
Recording on external Firewire Drive
Fireface 800 Soundcard
Jack 101.3
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2006-12-19 02:15

developer   ~0002916

Ardour supports Broadcast WAVs and can embed files at their original timestamp position.


2006-12-19 20:55

administrator   ~0002931

we are slowly working on AAF support. meanwhile, as oofus noted, if you use BWF (the industry standard for moving audio files around "standalone"), ardour should place them correctly on the timeline by "embedding" them. if you "import" them, ardour will write an entirely new file with no timestamp (which is arguably a bug that we should fix). we have noticed that some timestamps are not honored precisely, i am still looking into this.

btw: the mackie sdr is not widely used. there were very few units made that were not seriously defective. mackie ceased production of the design after less than 18 months and exited from the HDR niche entirely. we owned an HDR unit and despite looking great and inspiring a number of ideas early in ardour's history, it was pretty unusable even after being replaced 3 times.


2006-12-19 23:39

reporter   ~0002941

I ┬┤ll try the broadcast wavs, when I get my session to work again ... I think, the mackie uses broadcast wavs, at least, samplitude can use the timestamps.

so graz seems to be the only town with a lot of sdrs in different locations? I use three different units myself... And it was rather cheap, so I thougt it was the same elsewhere. Ours has some bugs, but they only affect syncronisation. It works perfectly with the internal converters, or the yamaha desks, I tested it with. But it is very difficult or unpossible to sync two units or use different converters on the different adat inputs.

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