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0001355ardourfeaturespublic2007-02-01 22:26
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Summary0001355: ESC Cancels Move
DescriptionIt would be nice, when moving regions, you could press ESC while you move it and it would cancel the move and return it to where it was.
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has duplicate 0001874 closed Ability to cancel region drag by pressing ESC 



2006-12-10 05:02

developer   ~0002878

What are the advantages of what you are proposing over just releasing the mouse button and undoing the move?


2006-12-10 21:31

reporter   ~0002879

It's quicker and it seems natural.


2007-02-01 04:46

developer   ~0003142

I don't agree it would be quicker, when I'm using ardour my left hand sits most of the time centered around the Modifier keys(Ctrl, Alt and Shift). So at least for me Ctrl-Z would be faster than moving my hand to hit ESC and back again.

I'm not sure why you think it is natural, perhaps you would like to explain what you mean by that.

The only similar functionality I can think of is that some X window managers use ESC to move a window back to its original position while in the middle of moving it. That seems fairly different to me and there isn't(AFAIK) any alternate way to do it.


2007-02-01 16:50

administrator   ~0003143

in all fairness, the GNOME HiG does mention that ESC should be available to cancel operations.


2007-02-01 22:26

developer   ~0003151

I didn't realise it was an intention for ardour to try and conform to the Gnome HIG?

For reference(and because it took me a few minutes to find):

From the Guidelines on mouse interaction

"Allow all mouse operations to be cancelled before their completion. Pressing the Esc key should cancel any mouse operation in progress, such as dragging and dropping a file in a file manager, or drawing a shape in a drawing application."

The Apple HIG also says:

Esc (Escape)

"The Esc (Escape) key basically means “let me out of here.” It has specific meanings in certain contexts. The user can press Esc in the following situations:

    * In a dialog, instead of clicking Cancel
    * To stop an operation in progress (such as printing), instead of pressing Command-period
    * To cancel renaming a file or an item in a list
    * To cancel a drag in progress


With that in mind perhaps it would be worth implementing if there are others like b0ef that find this concept familiar.

One concern is that the area of code that would need modifying to support this is fairly complicated and I think implementing this should wait until the next "release cycle" so it can be properly tested etc.

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