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0001349ardourfeaturespublic2006-12-05 20:25
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Summary0001349: Undo Window
DescriptionIt would be nice with a named undo window, the same way gimp does. It would then be easy to see each operationg clearly and undo more informed.
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2006-12-05 16:24

administrator   ~0002864

we had this years ago. user feedback led to its removal. its very hard to provide something useful here. if someone cooks up a specification for precisely what it should offer and how it should work, it could be considered.


2006-12-05 20:25

reporter   ~0002871

Well, basically it's just a window you launch, so those who don't want it, don't launch it.

Each action is stored on top of each other, like in gimp. I don't know how to elaborate on such a simple thing;).

I'll bet users would launch this window more often than not, but of course, the simple undo on the menu is still available (maybe), but then you could launch this window, and be home free;)

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