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0001337ardourbugspublic2009-07-05 20:43
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Summary0001337: Input/Output popup menu connection items don't reflect current state in some cases
DescriptionTake for example a mono channel, where the options below "Edit" and "Disconnect" are "In 1" and "In 2". After selecting "Edit" and hooking up both inputs in the dialog, the 2 items are unchecked, making it look like no such connection are active.

The Popup items should be checked/unchecked to reflect the current state at all times.

One can easily switch from both/all connected to only one channel via the popup items, but not back again. To solve this issue, it should be possible to enable more than 1 of the items by use of ctrl-clicking, to also maintain the current fast selection ability without having to uncheck items manualy.

Closely related: the naming of the items is confusing, as the user has to make the mental connection between things like "In 1" and "alsa_pcm:capture_1".
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2006-12-20 21:16

administrator   ~0002945

no, there is a more central issue here.

"In 1" is *not* alsa_pcm:capture_1. Its a "Connection" object called "In 1" that just happens to include a single port with a connection to alsa_pcm:capture_1.

There is no Connection editor any more, so this point is somewhat lost. The checking of the items in the lower part of the menu indicate "This I/O is using this specific Connection", which is not the same as "This I/O is connected to alsa_pcm:foobar_N". If no items are checked, the IO object wasn't hooked up via a specific Connection, but by manual selection of destinations/sources.

So, I think this is just a documentation/labelling issue. Agree?


2006-12-21 17:02

reporter   ~0002947

I wasn't able to build a correct mental model. Asking in #ardour while Paul wasn't around revealed nobody was sure about the nature of what appears in the popups. Aside from that, yes I guess it's 'just' documentation/labeling.

This stuff should be rethought when it's time for the routing matrix.


2009-07-05 02:21

manager   ~0006285

Is this still an issue in recent versions of Ardour? I wasn't able to follow the comments precisely, and I am not sure if it still even applies without the connection editor.


2009-07-05 08:43

reporter   ~0006338

It still seems to be the same.

It still doesn't make the tiniest bit of sense to me.


2009-07-05 20:43

manager   ~0006351

Ok removing this from feedback at least since it has been given. Still not completely following the comments, maybe A3 will improve on this though with the revamped connections.

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